Kindergarten Readiness …

“Kindergarten Readiness: The 10 Traits Successful Kids Have In Common, From A Kindergarten Teacher”
Includes the tidbits:
“Children who are accustomed to listening to books being read from start to finish and participating in conversations about the book are well prepared for Kindergarten. Parents can support the development of this skill by incorporating reading aloud into their regular routine.”


“In addition to the traits listed above, I would encourage parents to cultivate the habit of reading books aloud on a daily basis.

8. Children who are familiar with books, stories and rhymes will be successful in school.”


“10. But the most important factor that helps a child successfully and confidently embark on their formal school journey is to have a responsive, nurturing relationship with someone who is crazy about them, someone who will listen and talk to them about interesting things and who believes that they have the potential to learn and be successful in school.”

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