January 2015

Our order on January 5 was for:

  • 248 books for Cleveland Heights children;
  • 193 books for Shaker Heights children;
  • and 133 books for University Heights children.

574 books total! We are very excited about that. That order should arrive in mid-February.

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We are participating in the Shaker Schools Early Childhood Expo on Saturday January 10. Look for us there!  Shaker Schools Early Childhood Expo is now postponed.

We expect to have a Featured Article in the January 21st newsletter of Macaroni Kids.

We are aware of a Preschool and Daycare Fair at the Lee Road Heights Library on Sunday 1/18 from 2-4pm.

We are also aware that Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library received The Library of Congress 2014 Best Practices in Literacy Award in the category of “Addressing Social Barriers to Literacy.” How cool is that? Check out page 9 here!

If you missed it, here’s our January Update email.

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