First order for Euclid, OH

We have just placed our order for February 2017, and it is our first order for Euclid, OH! We are pleased to report an order of 60 books for Euclid children!


We have also ordered books for 102 more children in Cleveland Heights, East Cleveland, Shaker Heights, and University Heights.

July Update

More than 800 books mailed in July! See more here.

April Showers

On April 2nd we ordered the following books for May delivery:

  • 320 books for Cleveland Hts.
  • 296 books for Shaker Hts.
  • 171 books for University Hts.

787 books going out in May (up from 741 for April delivery).

A mention from Macaroni Kids

We had a very big push for registrations last month! Thank you to you, parents, for spreading the word, and to Macaroni Kids for promoting us.

Our March order (for mid-April delivery) was:

  • 297 books for Cleveland Heights children;
  • 277 books for Shaker Heights children;
  • and 167 books for University Heights children.

More than 600 books delivered this month

Check out our feature on Macaroni Kid! If you are unfamiliar with their service, they provide “the scoop on all the family-friendly events and activities happening in their communities each week.”

Our order for March delivery was taken on February 3:

  • 263 books for Cleveland Heights;
  • 210 books for Shaker Heights;
  • 142 books for University Heights.

Not quite the monthly growth we’ve been experiencing, but we hope to reignite our registration drive for the next order! 150 new registrants per month is still our goal — please help by re-tweeting us and liking our posts.

January 2015

Our order on January 5 was for:

  • 248 books for Cleveland Heights children;
  • 193 books for Shaker Heights children;
  • and 133 books for University Heights children.

574 books total! We are very excited about that. That order should arrive in mid-February.

Help us out by liking us on Facebook and following (and re-tweeting us) on Twitter.

We are participating in the Shaker Schools Early Childhood Expo on Saturday January 10. Look for us there!  Shaker Schools Early Childhood Expo is now postponed.

We expect to have a Featured Article in the January 21st newsletter of Macaroni Kids.

We are aware of a Preschool and Daycare Fair at the Lee Road Heights Library on Sunday 1/18 from 2-4pm.

We are also aware that Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library received The Library of Congress 2014 Best Practices in Literacy Award in the category of “Addressing Social Barriers to Literacy.” How cool is that? Check out page 9 here!

If you missed it, here’s our January Update email.


More great news for December! Our December 1 order (which will be received in mid-January) consisted of:

  • 182 books to Cleveland Heights children;
  • 146 books to Shaker Heights children;
  • and 92 books to University Heights children!

Meanwhile, books from our November order began arriving the week of December 8. Keep your eye out!

And recommend Imagination Library to your friends as the best gift they can give their young children! Happy Holidays!


We received our first books this week! I hope your children were as happy as ours!

For our November 4 order, we mailed:

121 books to CH

114 books to SH

74 books to UH

309 books total! Awesome! We’ve only added 20 since then, though — keep spreading the word.


We are excited to post the totals of our order on October 1. These books should be received in mid-November. We ordered:

48 books for Cleveland Heights

45 books for Shaker Heights

47 books for University Heights

We’re hoping to triple that number by the November 4 order! We are at 210 registrants right now — could we get to 270? Please help spread the word.


In the past few weeks we have started to gain some momentum. Thank you for visiting our site. Heights Family Foundation is sponsoring your registration in the Dolly Parton Imagination Library!

We have advertisements running in The Sun Press and the Heights Observer, and we are gaining steam on Twitter and Facebook. Please spread the word about us!

Children’s names are pulled from the DPIL database on the first of each month. You can expect that month’s book about six weeks later. Our first cull will be October 1, so you can expect your child’s first book in mid-November!