Making it fun for you and your child

Reading Is Fundamental, a national organization dedicated to motivating young children to read, offers these tips for reading with your child – to make it fun for everyone:

  • Start reading to them while they’re young – just a few months of age – and then stick with it well past the time when they are able to read alone.
  • Make it part of life, finding some time to read every day – even if it’s  just a few minutes, and even though you’re busy.
  • Suffer the repetition when your child goes through that phase of wanting to read the same book every time. There’s a reason he or she is so captivated, and eventually may find out why.
  • Talk about what you’ve read together. You don’t have to discuss every story every time, but sometimes it’s the most enjoyable part.
  • Try to remember when you were young. The very conventions by which books are created – with pictures and words that go together, for instance – need to be learned. By trying to remember the things that were once new and mysterious to you, you’ll help your childen joy the activity even more.

For deeper insight, you can read the whole article here.

“What Not to Worry About in Teaching Young Children to Read” — A Q&A with Daniel Willingham, professor of psychology at the University of Virginia. Read the NYTimes article here.




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10 benefits from reading with your kids

Lifelong reading begins when you read to your children

Many parents who enjoy reading aloud with their young children drop the habit soon after their children learn to read on their own.

But one recent study seems to indicate a benefit from continuing to read with your children.

Here’s an article from The New York Times that offers more insight about the most recent “Kids and Family Reading Report.”